Sasquatch The Search For A New Man

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“Sasquatch The Search For A New Man”  is the fourth book published by this author and is a compilation of essays written in the narrative form concerning encounters with the enigma known as Sasquatch.  It is the second of three books planned in the non fiction genre dealing with this large being.

Table of Contents

Prologue          Bob Gimlin’s Story                              What happened that day in October, 1967

Chapter 1         Winter Wonderland                             My first encounter

Chapter 2         My Ozette Lake Family                       The first time I KNEW what I was seeing for sure

Chapter 3         Who is Sasquatch                                A day of discovery

Chapter 4         Del Norte Encounter                         A night spent among them

Chapter 5         Butterfield Canyon, UT                     Close sighting in Utah

Chapter 6         Revelations of Novelty                      Observation teaches us wondrous things

Chapter 7         Todd Neiss Encounter                     What happens when a skeptic has an experience

Chapter 8         One Summer Day                            A child’s experience

Chapter 9         Kathi Blount Report                       Are they really aggressive?

Chapter 10       Mindspeak                                       Is it possible?

Chapter 11       Vision – How We See                    Bringing facts to light

Chapter 12       Intermembral Index                       Scientific Proof of their existence

Chapter 13       The Humanity of Sasquatch           Proving their humanity

Chapter 14       Coppeii Creek Homesteaders         Through the eyes of a pioneer lady

Chapter 15       Voices on the Lake                           Kyle’s wondrous encounter

Chapter 16       H.E.R.O. Report                              A whimsey of humorous fiction

Chapter 17       Parts of the Whole                           Understanding  our role

Epilogue          The Time Is Here                             Bringing it all together

To the reader, I guarantee one thing… read this with an open mind and you will come away with knowledge you did not have prior to that reading.

All books ordered here will come signed by the author with a personal note.

Author with a 17″ cast of sasquatch track…