Respecting the Water


It’s here at last!!!   The long and anxiously awaited Children’s Series following the exploits of the Hairy Boys, Indigo and Blue, is now available for order.  In the first volume, we learn of the plight of our water and what happens when it is not respected!

The art work is from the incomparable Thomas Finley and all plates are original and done just for this book.  Thomas has gone “above and beyond” in portraying the concepts carried in this volume.

Grandfather, the Hairy Boys and their friends, Fala the Wise Old Crow and Wayaha, Grandfather Coyote join together to help us learn about the importance of the waters in our land and how we are related to all of these features.

This is a volume EVERY child needs to read, hear of and enjoy the photos within…

Available now for prepurchase with deliveries to begin as soon as our shipment arrives… To receive your signed by the author and numbered copy just click on the applicable link below.

Price for book in full color is $15.50  plus shipping.

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