Bigfoot Laid Back Georgia Gathering

Where:      McIntosh County Park, Carrolton, GA

When:     October 2nd to 5th, 2014

What:     The greatest weekend of camping fun and Sasquatch/Bigfoot Investigation for the entire year in Georgia

Who:  All with a desire to experience and learn more about these enigmas we call Sasquatch or Bigfoot

      The group will be camped in our own special area within the McIntosh Preserve… a site reserved strictly for us that is close to the native’s environment, allowing them, like last year, to literally join us at our campfire.

In Camp

The fees involved are only for those actually staying with us and eating with us.  You have the option of eating and sharing our “pot luck” or, if you desire or you diet requires, you may certainly prepare and enjoy your own meals, either with us or separate from us…

La Cochinera Bonita









In addition to the planned activities, the joy of laying in one’s bed at night and listening to the calls of the locals is worth whatever it takes to get here and participate in his fun family outing.


To choose the option of dining with the group, make the Selection below… The cost is $20 per person and will provide 7 Meals for each person opting in… This provides 3 meals on Friday, 3 meals on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.

      Use this Button ONLY for paying for Food



T-Shirts will be available as well.  They can either be picked up at the campground for no added shipping charge or we will ship them directly to your home. 

Below are two Buttons… first button is for those who wish to order a T-Shirt and have it shipped to them. 

The Second Button is for use if you wish to pay for your shirt and intend to pick it up at the outing…

           Use this Button ONLY to order T-shirt and have it shipped to you.
You may order your shirt and pick it up at the camp.  To do this, use the Button Below…

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