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Books On A Stick

Hear Thom recite his own stories in his on voice…

70 Years on the Mountain

A collection of essays written over the years.  Thom has lived his life in the mountains and forests of North America.  He was born in the west and lived in the east and southeast for seven of the nine years he was in the U.S. Navy.  For the last half century, he has wandered the wild lands of the Pacific Northwest, Western Canada and Alaska.  During that time he has come to know the denizens of the wild places far better than the average person and is dedicated to their understanding.  In his perambulations, has kept journals of his discoveries and has converted those journal entries into a series of essays on many and  varied subjects.  This volume is a collection of those essays on topics as varied as “Why Our Photographs Are Blurry”, to the humor of some “Mean Animals…” that reside there.  Join Thom in this journey of discovery through sixteen of his favorite essays reflecting seventy years on the mountain…

Book on a Stick – 70 Years on the Mountain

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After Armageddon
After Armageddon   The REAL story of sasquatch told in the form of a novel which tells the story of what would happen if an asteroid the size of the one that did in the dinosaurs and 9 of 10 of all other species then living were to strike the earth today…
Marni’s Story
Many years ago now, I had a friend who had a friend named Marni.  My friend did her best to get Marni and I together.  It never worked, the age difference was just too great and we never even really met face to face, but we talked for hours and hours on media… and one day, as I was leaving, she said, “Thom, write me the story of our first date…”  That story is chapter one of this book.  From there, it grew and became the story of a strong, independent and forceful woman in control of her destiny who was in love with a man that needed help from time to time.Yes, there is something of sasquatch in this volume… something that speaks of the powers they have for healing.  It speaks of our world and our place in that world and it speaks mostly of Marni… may you love her as much as I do…Across the Wide Missouri

A novel of the earliest Mountain Men and their dealings with the indigenous peoples they found in the great western lands.  Begin with the fantastic escape from death by the Legendary Hugh Glass and follow the exploits of this group of brave men as they learned the Indian Way and created some relationships that lasted throughout the western era… and others that did not.  Meet the beautiful Shoshone Shaman who’s abilities to read what was to be astounded even her husband, the nephew of Hugh Glass.

This is an historical novel.  Many of the people in it are real… others are not, but should be.  It tells a story of events that most of us cannot even imagine, but, even if not actually true, are plausible and are reflections of what actually DID happen there!  Some of Thom’s best writing is in this book.  Purchase it and read it over and over again and you will begin to feel the energy that is the Rocky Mountain West.

Hugh Glass’s Fight With the Grizzly




























Book on a Stick – Marni’s Story

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                         After Armageddon