70 Years on the Mountain
Thom Cantrall

This page holds the illustrations for the book “Seventy Years on the Mountain”  They are arranged by chapter and in order as they occur in that chapter.


Chapter 1 – Blue Hole

JB Saunders Hay Crew

JB Haywagon









Jayhawking- skinning tanoak


Skinning Tanoak







Typical Period Sawmill

Cat Skidding Logs to Pond










Into the Millpond

Off-Hiway Log Truck










Faller… Chopper in California

Chopping Undercut











The Catch… Author Right Front


Log Truck – Boonville, CA




























Shere Khan

Great White Shark






Western Rattler

Coastal Redwood








Chapter 2 -Mean Animals I Have Known




Ruffed Grouse

Olympic Peninsula Rain Forest












Olympic Peninsula

Gang of Elk












Roosevelt Bull




































He’s in there

Depth of Field









Chapter 3 – Why Are My Pictures Blurry











Kyle’s Big Guy

Energy Stone











Teeny Bud





























Chapter 4 Massacre

Vine Maple



















Hi-lead Logging Side

Turtle Rock, Six Rivers National Forest

























Chapter 5 – Traveling North

The Cabin

Indians Dipnetting










Prince Rupert, BC

In the Lounge














Between Prince Rupert, BC and Ketchikan, AK

Debarking in Ketchikan













7 Seas Mariner departing Ketchikan

Ketchikan Harbor









Ketchikan Air

The Author Eyeing the Beach

























Chapter 6 – The Politics of Science


Eastern Washington Scablands







Dry Falls








Palouse Falls

Post Flood Coulee










Wallula Gap

Touchet (Pronounced Two- Shee) Beds










Large Erratic Left Behind by Glacier’s Retreat

Dry Falls – Dwarfs Niagara In Size And Scope





























 Chapter 7 – A Small Piece of Heaven

Goodman Creek












Oyster Mushrooms


Devil’s Club










Devil’s Club Stalk Showing Thorns

Elk Calf











Bull in Velvet

U.S. Army Surplus Pup Tent












Shed Antler






















Chapter 8 – Ho – Nubbie 2011








Tulsa, OK

Robert Swain – Laughsquatch












3 Needle Pine


Kiamichi Mtns









Kiamichi Mountains

Ancient Cherokee Village










Shoshoni Village

Akanneesha’s Debut












Alex n Alex admiring her work

Our Cabin












Abe n Me










Under Wraps












Alex and her Work












Saturday Morning

Signing In











Arla Drumming the Invocation

Farlan Huff












Arla Presentation











Cartoonist Robert Swain

R. Scott Nelson, Cryptolinguist












Scott Nelson and David Paulides

The Gang











Abe n Arla

Connie G n Me












Kickin Back

Alex M












At the Cabins

The Track Was THIS Long










Peck W.

Dave Paulides












The Lower Cabin

Mike J at Sunset










Sleeping In











“There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow…”

Morning of the Last Day





























































































Chapter 9 – Glyphs



The Principals… Brian and Thom

Fig 1… The Asterisk Stump








































Triangle 1










Triangle 2

Triangle 3










Birch in Snow































3D in Sand











































Chapter 10 – An American Odyssey


USS Gato Class Fleet Submarine


Avenue of the Giants

Highway 101









Coast South Of Orick

Orick, CA








Gasquet (Pronounced Gas – kee), CA









Hwy 199 Near CA/OR Border










Umpqua River in Oregon

Bridge Across the Columbia River









Seattle World’s Fair

Top of Snoqualmie Summit

















Our Junction

Elk in Highway









Montana Men









Dakota Thunderstorm










Missouri River

Postville, IA









The Barn


Cleveland Nightmare










Niagara Falls









Under the Lights

USS Thresher SS(N) 593









USS James Madison SSB(N) 627




















Chapter 11 – Gretchen


Thom at 17












1951 Ford








1951 Ford Victoria Customized

Thom Graduation Photo












My Stetson

All Grown Up
















Chapter 12 – Making Salmon

Coho Salmon


Neck Lake

Rearing Pen










The Falls

The Outlet – Low Tide










Flooding Tide

High Tide – See the Salmon Jumping












Outlet Creek with Furry Fisherman

Fish Ladder












Holding Pond














The Facility












Whale Pass McDonalds

Traditional Indian Fishing















































            Chapter 13 – Meeting My Teacher

The View of the Area of This Essay… Nathanial is Directly Over the Trunk Lid

The “Pile of Wood”

Coho Salmon in the River









Common Mullein

Rose Hips












Nathaniel to the Right of the Fir Tree

Altar Feathers












Blackberry Scent Smoker

Hawthorne Berries























 Chapter 14 – Telepathy

Grand Mound


Thom Powell


Cliff Barackman with Thom Powell

















Chapter 15 – I Met Cindy – Miracles















Alfred P. Murrah Building

Murrah Building – After












Murrah Building – Aerial

Pulitzer Prize Winner – 1996













Our Cabin

Prints Found on the INSIDE of Locked Car in the Morning










Cindy Before

Cindy After





















Chapter 16 – Life at 17





















Pearl Harbor – 1941

Heading Out










Pup Tent











The Lake


It’s Breakfast















Gold Mine


Tailings Pile

Shaker Table










Gold in Quartz

Ore En Situ










Fresh Trout

George G. and Gertrude May Romero Cantrall – My Grandparents