Hugh Glass – Mountain Man, Ship’s Captain, Pirate for LaFitte, Son of a Pawnee Chief


Chapter 1 – Heading West

Fig 1-1 Beaver Hat


Fig 1-2 Hug Glass ca 1832


Fig 1-3 Brown Bess Musket


Fig 1-4 Kentucky Rifle


Fig 1-5 Owl Eyes


Fig 1-6 Sacagaweah


Fig 1-7 Counting Coups


Fig 1-8 McDonald House


Fig 1- 9 Beaver


Fig 1-10 Burnt River – Site of 1825 Ronnyvoo


Fig 1-11 Entienne Provost


Fig 1-12 Buffalo Jump


Fig 1-13 Silas Jens


Fig 1-14 Green River


Fig 1-15 Hugh’s Fight With Sow Grizz


Fig 1-16 Crow Warrior


Fig 1-17 “Old Gabe” Jim Bridger


Fig 1-18 Peter Ogden


Fig 1-19


Fig 1-20 Tom “Broken Hand” Fitzpatrick


Fig 1-21 William Ashley


Fig 1-22 ‘Diah Smith


Fig 1-23 Wm Sublette


Chapter 2 – To Fort Kiowa

Hunting Wolves

Fig 2-1 Hunting Wolves

Fig 2-2 Trapper’s ‘Hawk

Fig 2-3 Bone Stiletto

Fig 2-4 Golden Eagle

Fig 2-5 Eagle Owl

Fig 2-6 Warrior’s Medicine Bag


Chapter 3

Blackfeet Warriors

Chapter 4

Mandan Village

Gates of the Mountains

Great Falls of the Missouri

Buffalo Chip

Buffalo Chip

Daniel Boone

Chapter 5

William Clark











Chapter 6

Bound to the Far Blue Mountains

Yellowstone River

Bighorn Sheep

Yellowstone Geysers


Chapter 7

Colter’s Hell

John Colter

Yellowstone Lake

Tepee Village




Cedar Smoke Purification








Fish Trap



Chapter 8



Men’s Elkskin Clothing


Elkskin Dress

Chapter 9

Soda Springs



Horse Raiders


Crow Horses


Cottonwood Bottoms

Chapter 10

Wapiti – Elk


Lemhi Valley


Mule Deer


Grizz – Old Ephraim

Lewis @ Clark


Meadow Lake


Shoshone River Trap


Bug’s boys


Old Fox Eyes


Chapter 11

Beaver Lodge


Beaver Pelt




Trapper Lodge




Wolf Parka


Dr. John McLaughlin












John Day



Craters of the Moon



Craters of the Moon


Craters of the Moon


Datura – Thorn Apple



Sawtooth Mtns


Indian Art



Pack Out


Three Island Crossing of the Snake

Thousand Springs



Flintlock Rifle




























RMF Trade Tent


Hawken Rifle















San Rafael Swell


Council Lodge


Pale Horse

Bearwalker – Northern Cheyenne

Chapter 12

Wolf Warror




Field of Stones




Wah Tah Sha




Comanche War Party


Chapter 13



Palouse Pony



Cheyenne Moccasins

Trapper’s Tool






Dead Village


Box Canyon Entrance


Box Canyon




Cache Valley Ronnyvoo – 1826


Rocky Mountain Fur Company Ronnyvoo



Rain in the Night