Frontis – Patty Enhanced

Fig 1-1 Jerry Crew (Crew Family Archives)

Fig 1-2 Period D-7 Cat making Road

Fig 1-3   The Slope

Fig 1-4 Jerry Crew With Casting of Footprint (Crew Family Archives)

Figure 1-5  Genzoli and Crew appear in
newspaper article

fig 1-6 Ray Wallace

Fig 1-7 Print in Mud by Culvert

Fig 1-8 Hunting Hounds

Fig 1-9 Print Comparison

Fig 1-10 Bob Titmus l. with castings of prints found

Fig 1-11 John Green, Newspaperman

Fig 1-12 Peter Byrne

Fig 1-13 Rene Dahinden

Part II
Destiny Awaits

Dr. Ivan T. Sandersons Argosy Magazine Report
of the Patterson-Gimlin Film

Chapter 2-1
Prelude to a Film

Fig 2-1 Bull Rider

Fig 2-2 Mount St. Helens

Chapter 2-2 Bluff Creek Odyssey

Fig 2-3 Bluff Creek Area

Fig 2-4 Kodak Manual Film Camera

Fig 2-5 Roger Pouring Casts

Fig 2-6 Frame 354 of the Film

Fig 2-7 Al Hodgson

Fig 2-8 Bluff Creek Showing Creature, LogJam and Bank Where Roger Tripped

Chapter 2-3 In Bob’s Own Words

Fig 2-9 The Film Site

Fig 2-10 Bob Gimlin at OSS 2010

Chapter 2-4
Departure from Destiny