The Berries of Summer


I would like to share a most amazing story with the fine people who read my page. My best friend and I have just returned from spending four days deep in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia, Canada where we camped in a very remote area that was surrounded on all four sides by mountains and fast running

View from Camp

streams of drinkable water… the nectar of the Gods. We marveled at the stars that filled the big sky at night while every morning we were awakened by a symphony of song provided by a variety of feathered friends.

On Day Two, we decided to follow the river up the valley and do a little “off trail” exploring. We came upon an abundance of Salmon Berry bushes dotted with berries that were either orange, red or dark red with black highlights. We enjoyed our bounty and ate our fill before deciding to find the path that ran for countless miles through this enchanted forest.

Salmon Berry

We chose a path that ran through thick bush tangled with brambles and other hazards while still having faith that the path lay somewhere in the direction we were headed. The many cuts and scrapes on our hands and legs attest to the questionable reasoning exhibited in this decision. Eventually we came upon a clearing that my friend said looked like something or someone had lain there or bedded down there. I had to agree… and then we saw the berry. It was orange and lay dead center, sitting there in fresh and pristine condition. Looking around we saw that there were no Salmon Berries in the vicinity from which it could have fallen. We decided that it had to have been placed there with hands. We never saw another human the entire time we were there. That fact and the remote and hard to access nature of the locale made the odds of it being a human who had placed it here astronomical in our minds. We pondered the berry mystery and it occupied our minds throughout the rest of

Gift From Our Hosts

our adventure that day. Today it came to me and was confirmed in the way these people always confirm things to me. One of our forest friends was watching us as we picked the fruit and lead us to this spot where we were gifted with this single gem.

I have absolutely no doubt this is the case and, as always, I am amazed and humbled with the things these amazing people do. Thank you so much from myself and my friend.


Brian “Tot” Bland
July 3rd thru 6th, 2014

The Initial Discovery

Returning to our desolate paradise again was magic for my friend and I. Unlike our first venture into beautiful place, this time the weather was warm and dry.

Day Two saw us rise at mid-morning and, after coffee and a modest breakfast, we decided to visit a favorite spot we had discovered the summer previous. This was

The Back Country

no easy feat as we had to maneuver over and under a number of trees that formed a log jam over a clear, pristine pool of water. After successfully navigating our way through this obstacle course, we headed up the river bed and lingered leisurely at a salmon berry patched that was littered with ripe, colorful orange and red fruit. After having eaten our fill we then headed across the somewhat shallow but fast running river.

There was not a soul around. In fact, in all the years I have visited this place, I have never encountered another

The stream bottom

person anywhere near this spot. We were many kilometers into the back country and this area was not easy to access either in the direction from which we had approached or through the dozens of yards of thick bush and brambles that separated it from the meager path.

As we made our way towards our special spot we noticed a most curious thing… We wondered when we found our initials in the sand as if drawn with a large finger or stick. There was no “so and so loves so and so”… there was no big heart or cupids arrow… there was simply the

Left for Us

initials… We continued along the trail and saw in total six sets of these letters leading directly to the spot that was our goal. Once there we saw the seventh set of these initials alongside a small pile of rocks stacked there. In the beginning, we just noted what we had seen without considering it in its context but as time passed, we considered this in more depth. Why had they done this? Was there any other logical explanation for it? Why they led us to the exact spot we had as a goal was most curious. There were no others beyond this spot.

Understanding that this is an area of low clouds trapped between surrounding mountains where it rains almost every day made it even more curious. The initials were, in our estimation, fresh. Was somebody hiding in the nearby bush laughing at us as we scratched our head in bewilderment? If so, how did they know our goal? For that matter, how did they even know we would be in this canyon this day, let alone the route we would take that led us off the trails and into the untracked bush?

The Art of Sasquatch

July 2013

By Thom Cantrall and Brian Bland, aka Tot


On the Trai


Tater ‘n Tot












What are glyphs?   Glyphs are picture art created to convey meaning… you can easily see where this is a form of written language, for doesn’t a written language convey a message through the use of figures?

The Hangman’s Stone










The Archer











Standing Fir Cone in Triangle









Intricately Complicated











Bringin’ the House









The Beauty of Angles










Why are these not human origin?

In all cases we look for clues.   It is very important that we understand the origin of these glyphs for it is certain that humans are capable of doing this type of art…  But.. there are clues…


Print in the moss found beside glyph










Print in the sand










Tripping through the sand










Most of these prints are of younger beings… but occasionally we find the print of the big boss here…. he’s LARGE

Indigo… young man who lives in OK












Youngster’s tracks in creek bed












One of the several categories of glyphs are “Signature” glyphs…  Here we will investigate those…


“A” Glyphs

A Glyphs… these are the signature glyphs of the Clan Leader…

An A with a double Cross












Please Notice the A formed by the fern at the center right…












This Glyph was made from Birch and was found on a mountainside in a region where birch only grows in the valley bottoms… the materials here had to be carried some miles to this point











A very SPECIAL “A”












A glyph… The Clan Leader









H Glyphs

H Glyphs are the signature of the Clan Leaders Daughter, Rahjahsay…. They are almost always done with embellishments… extra leaves, rocks or other items to make them stand out.

Rahj’s H












Heavily Embellished H… with heart shaped rock









Notice her use of fall leaves to enhance her glyph










This glyph was left in plain sight AFTER Brian left the area and before he returned













“4” Glyphs

The 4 glyph first started showing up as a P then morphed into a 4 with time.. this is the signature of Rahj’s new mate she traveled to Oklahoma last fall to meet…

4 Glyph left in the mossy of a remote section of forest floor













This 4 has a modifier that I have not been able to decipher










A classic (and classy) 4 glyph in the autumn leaves













Cleverly done, isn’t it?










Banner Glyph

The Banner Glyph is what they leave for me.. it represents me and is my signature to them…

my signature… left to capture my attention… It works!











Banner worked around a small stone












What is the meaning of the modifier?… or the tiny stone for that matter?












Again with the small stone artfully placed in the banner… Why? There is a message here for me…










B Glyphs

This spring, we hit on the idea of leaving a glyph of our own to identify us to them… The “B” glyph was what we came up with for Brian (clever, huh?)…

Original B glyph as we designed it









One of their modifications












another modification… beginning to think they didn’t want it where it was placed













“Get this AWAY from the trail…” OHHHH.. ok…














6 point star…

The asterisk has a widespread significance in tribal cultures… it is the heart… the source, the universe.. where all else begins… so it seems to be with these people…

a Perfect 6-point Star









Clever curves












A Star on the forest floor












Indigo’s Oklahoma Star









Direction Signs

Direction signs fall into to basic categories… direction indicators… “He went that way” … and road maps… “Take this path”

Direction indicators

My absolute favorite… looks like he hit the rock so hard he broke in pieces!











“Callaway Went Thataway”












4 Directions Cross… very common, and very significant in tribal cultures











“this is the direction you are to travel”









Road Map

“Follow this trail to the stream…”










Rock Stacks


Western Washington 7 rock stack












Colorado 3 rock Stack










Coastal Washington… A Duck?












Kentucky 7 Rock Stack























Almost always these glyphs appear after one asks to know if they are present in the area today…













Special Stickman… left next to care while away













Stacked stickman












Stick dog perhaps?












“We are here” Stickman












X Structures

X structures are also common to tribal cultures… Usually mean “Welcome” or “Friend” … that is usually their meaning here as well

Friendship X









X Structure built off the ground…








“Welcome, Friend”








Missouri X












Large Structures:

These structures and glyphs are not just done on the mini scale… sometimes the sheer massive scale is amazing on its own!

three axis structure










Large Asterisk












Giant Structure












Ochoco Mountains Structure










Welcome left me by my Teacher











Pure Art:

There are some things done that are just ART… did they start out to be that or did they just end up that way?  I have to believe it was intentional… the circumstances required to create some of these works would boggle the mind of “coincidence”…

We have examples of this structure from various places over 100 square miles… coincidence? I think not












a Matrix to behold….












This is the finest piece of art I have ever found from them. None of those logs used to construct this grew here.. they were brought from elsewhere… This, in my ntho, is pure ART…












Photos Published for Appearance on Coast to Coast AM on 16 Mar 2019