Ghosts of Ruby Ridge – Cryptozoology – There’s some strange critters out there!


The term Cryptozoology was coined in 1959 by Lucien Blancou in a book dedicated to the foremost researcher of unknown animals, Bernard Heuvelmans and is now a standard part of modern vocabulary and appears in almost all dictionaries, it is defined as “the science of hidden animals”

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Discusses Sasquatch Footprints

The Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch and the Colossal Squid… all these legendary creatures have made the study of cryptids (as cryptozoologists call them) well known throughout the world.

Hoaxes also figure into the perception of Cryptozoology. From false news reports in the late-19th century to the Biscotti hoax of today, Cryptozoologists fight an uphill battle to get their questions answered and creatures found.