Becky Buttelo has been researching Sasquatch for many years and has consented to share some of her information…

Becky’s Gifting Area

Gifting Area

the following is what was left after the gifts were removed…

Rock Stack left… Made of Gifting stones

Please notice that the 8 stones used are those that were the base of the original gifting area… Also, they normally use 7 stones, or sometimes 3, in the usual stone stack… so you see here… with the 8th waiting nearby


Evidently they were not satisfied with leaving well enough alone here, but wanted to elaborate…

Notice the fence built here…

another view









There was a very special glyph constructed and left on the top of the gifting stump as well:

Glyph on Stump


On October 19th a special gift was left…

Stone Person face…surrounded by cedar leaves…

The eyes and nose were natural features of this stone, but the mouth was scratched in by the creator of this artifact.

Shelters were also found:

Constructed Shelter











There was another, less substantial structure very nearby too:

Rain break

In addition to the shelter type structures, these people let many other signs for us in their area.  We had glyphs on the macro scale as well as on the micro scale… here are a few of the Macros:

Glyph and Bower

This one I believe to be a glyph left in front of a bower arrangement… but the following is a glyph:

Macro Glyph

Another of the Macro sized glyphs:


And in this frame we see a very specially bent glyph:

arched glyph

As interesting as the macro glyphs are, it is the micro glyph that most often takes my breath away.  Look again at the stone face surrounded by the cedar leaves and tell me you do not feel a significance there!

Here are some other, smaller glyphs that we happened onto in an hour hike in this most special spot…


Please notice how the little root piece is used simply as the centerpiece here for other sticks added on.  I have no idea what this glyph means… it is obviously not important that I know… it’s just a work of art for me to enjoy as it is…

Lazy X Glyph

Lazy X Glyph means, wherever I have ever found it, “Welcome” … it is no different here.

Stick and leaf Glyph

Please note here the not-so-subtle use of the sticks, the green leaves and the brown leaves in creating a masterpiece on a mossy background… brilliant!

If one considered these to be a less than overly subtle statement, what follows is downright overt in their statement of who they are…

large print

And, on the other end of the size scale….

Tiny Prints

Is there anything that says “Welcome to our Home” more than the print of a child?  They trusted us to know their children were there… I love that.. and I love these Primal People…


Glyph for Jennifer.. starburst