The Politics of Science


Thom Cantrall – Author

In our modern society, there is a subset of people involved in and dedicated to the investigation of a large, hairy, bipedal being who is said to inhabit the wild areas of North America. Within this subset are several separate factions that range from those wishing to hunt down and kill this being to those as adamantly devoted to the sanctity of his life. There are some few in the academic community who have endorsed this effort and an even fewer who participate in it.

At a glance, it would seem that there is now a very elite group who have set themselves up as a judge of some sort over the actions and findings of others. One of these factions is the “Science Only” group. These people insist that if it isn’t scientific it is not admissible. They call for strict scientific proof of each and every claim and believe themselves as some kind of anointed, more than holy curator of all knowledge.

We all know that these people believe themselves to be a special form of judge in a world of unwashed amateurs who are daring to set themselves up as some sort of expert in a field of which few understand, let alone can teach. All too often, these people would have others believe that no one is allowed independent thought without the permission of this elite group… against all logic to the contrary.

It has been held up to us as independent researchers that these people with doctor or professor before their names or Phd as a suffix lends them an aura of invincibility and puts them into a state wherein they cannot be questioned… that they are on some sort of ivory tower that denies the possibility of being incorrect. Is this warranted? Does being part of a fraternity of the university set actually install this type of umbrella over them?

Let us examine this a bit closer by studying an incident that occurred in the last century in the region of the country where I live…

In the field of geology, the underlying theory of formations has changed drastically over the lifetime of our nation. Prior to the middle of the nineteenth century virtually all geology was attributed to catastrophic changes wrought by the Biblical Floods. Around the middle of that century, a decided shift began toward the notion of long term, uniform alterations. It was held that any geological alteration came about only through eons of wear and tear by the elements. This uniform theory became known universally as “Uniformitarism” and was the operative theory well into the twentieth century.


Channeled Scablands of Eastern Washington State

In the early twentieth century, airplanes began giving geologists a new view of the world they were trying to make others understand. One of the grandest discoveries was in eastern Washington from a few miles north of the trans state highway, I-90 south to the Oregon border was an area of rocky surfaces scab land with virtually no topsoil… indeed, no soil of any kind was on this rocky surface. It is a land of spectacular rock formations, mostly from basalt and deep, dry coulees. It looked for all the world like the bed of a lake with the water surgically removed.

The idea that the established theory might not be entirely correct first occurred with the 1910 publication of the Quincy, Washington topography maps. Dr. Harlan Bretz, on viewing these new publications began to wonder about the truth of this matter and in 1922 began a study of the area with the help of a handful of geological graduate students. With Dr. Bretz at the head, they climbed over, under and around the most interesting formations of the region. This led to the formulation of a new hypothesis.

In 1923, Dr. Bretz decided to share what he was observing in the field and published two separate papers on the subject. He presented his observations to the Geological Society of America. In that work he presented a simple description of what he had been seeing on his field trips. It was obvious that he had taken care to not provide interpretations or an explanation. He simply left any conclusions to his readers. However, in his second paper of 1923, he did shake up his peers somewhat by announcing his theory that a huge, catastrophic flood was responsible for the creations of the geological features of the channeled scab land of the area.

His work was initially received with less than full fanfare. Indeed, his peers ridiculed him outrageously for even suggesting that this formation was the result of anything but uniform erosion effected over millions of years. The paper published in 1922 by Dr. Joseph Pardee that postulated a large, ancient lake in the area of east of the Idaho panhandle that Dr. Pardee had named “Lake Missoula” was used as ammunition against Dr. Bretz by those assaulting him. In that work, it had been postulated that the Spokane-Palouse Scab land had been created by “unusual glaciation over extremely long periods of time…”

When Dr. Bretz went to visit the area in contention, he found that the “glacial” deposts were, in fact flood bars… berms of soil pushed up by floodwaters and not by glacial action. In fact, after Dr. Pardee learned of Dr. Bretz’ work, he changed his opinion and agreed with Dr. Bretz. Meanwhile, those who had never been there and had never seen the features nor the area of concern continued to excoriate Dr. Bretz for heresy in terms of claiming there might be something at work here beyond their ken…

Prior to 1927, many geologists were beginning to understand the ramifications of what Dr. Bretz was promoting. They began to realize that if

The Amazing “Dry Falls” on the Grand Coulee… 3.5 miles in width compared to the 1 mile width of Niagara Falls… and a drop of 400 to 600 feet compared to Niagara’s 165 feet.

this theory were, indeed, true, Uniformitarianism would be, essentially dead. As one can understand, the hue and cry from the established geological community was great! The desire to maintain the status quo was so profound that there began a campaign to publicly discredit and humiliate the Doctor. To effect this public hanging, Dr. Bretz was asked to present his theory to the Geological Society of Washington in public forum. If Dr. Bretz had been in any way aware of the underlying purpose of this gathering, or even how hostile his audience was going to be to his ideas, he probably would have eschewed the entire event… but, understanding what he had already weathered, I seriously doubt he would have sidestepped an inch, but would have welcomed the opportunity to enlighten the world to what was, to him, so patently obvious. In fact, the “Six Challenging Elders”, as he later referred to the inquisition panel were out to bury him totally in a public debate.

The session was opened by Dr. Bretz’s premier and most outspoken critic, Dr. W.C. Alden. Alden

Palouse Falls on the Palouse River… what remains of the great floods

wasted no time in attacking Bretz’s position by suggesting that the features he observed could be explained away as being collapsed lava caves… (what you’re seeing is nothing more than misidentified bears…). He continued, “a flood large enough to create these features would require an incredible volume of water.” He then stated unequivocally that such a volume of water was simply impossible to achieve… (cloaking is beyond the realm of possibility… Mind speak is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE…). “It must be,” he reasoned, “that there is another source for the origin of these features must be responsible.”

Other speakers, in their turn took their best shots at the beleaguered geologist. “In their current state, given enough time, the small rivers in the area would have accounted for their formation.” Instead of a catastrophic flood of magnificent proportions sweeping over the region in a relatively short time, they insisted that these rivers took several million years to carve out the scabland features. They maintained that Dr. Bretz should abandon his ludicrous notion… (anyone who believes that is delusional…).

It was not until while in attendance at conference in 1942 that Dr. Bretz heard the full explanation of Dr. Pardee’s ancient Lake Missoula. According to this model, Dr. Pardee demonstrated how the Okanagan Lobe of the great northern glaciers had effectively blocked the modern named Clark’s Fork River in the area of present day Lake Pend Orielle (pronounced Pond Oh ray) in the panhandle of Idaho. This created an ice dammed lake larger that present day Lake Ontario and Lake Erie combined. This great lake was nearly two thousand feet deep at the dam and contained over five hundred cubic MILES of water! Suddenly, two decades after Dr. Pardee’s first published mention of this phenomenon Dr. Bretz had his water supply!

Subsequent investigation revealed great layered tiers of sedimentary deposit in the area where a large temporary lake was formed by the constriction of the outflow at the Wallula Gap just downstream of the modern city of Kennewick. This restriction held back the flow from the channeled scablands and formed a pool of water some seven hundred feet deep that filled the entire Columbia Basin. This constriction allowed time for the massive amount of material carried by the rushing floodwater to settle out into sedimentary beds called “Touchet Beds”… (pronounced Too

Touchet Beds exposed by the Walla Walla River

She). At the beds near the tiny town named for them, there are thirty nine beds, one atop the other indicating that at least thirty nine times, the flood sequence repeated itself. This indeed was the mass of water needed to satisfy Dr. Bretz’s requirements and by the 1950s most of the Geological Scientists in the world recognized the veracity of his theories and he was not only exonerated, but was, in 1979 at the age of ninety six given the highest award presented in the field of geology… the Penrose Medal, which rewards one researcher each year for exceptional contributions to geology. Those geologists were quick to interpret them as the result of slow and gradual processes because they could not accept that their view was not the correct one for they had the education and expertise to make these determinations and there was no need to listen to others with a different idea. I pray that this never becomes our position.

In all things there are other views that must be considered. Sometimes even the most insignificant observation from the least obvious observer will hold the key to unlocking the secrets holding us from our desired knowledge. I am fond of saying, “I have never learned anything of great value from one who agreed with me totally…” One learns from hearing different views and testing those views, and integrating those of merit into his own.


Missoula Flood Coulee

Do not spend time in useless argument with those would play the role of the “Six Challenging Elders”… these people are not there to learn, but to keep others from learning. Those who would label us as kooks are popes or high priestesses and warn all who will listen to “not drink the Koolaid” are merely obfuscating the scene and blurring the truth. All views must be investigated and treated according to their own merits.

Do not trust “Science” as being some altruistic, “dedicated to truth and honesty” type of organization that has only the best for the world in mind. In fact, those within that faction are as hardwired to politicians as any group and far moreso than most. I have had full professors describe to me the problems of involving themselves in this research and maintaining their professional standing.

In Canada, recently, I and my partners presented some of our findings concerning our Alpha Project that studies the glyphs and written language and art of the sasquatch people. At that gathering, a Doctor… a Phd… a professor at a major university stood and said, “In my position, I could not begin to undertake such a study as I

Erratic left behind by the water

see here tonight. My associates would fry me alive if I did… but I’m certainly glad to see there are those with the guts to put it forth and study these things to present to the rest of us…” For that, I say, Thank You, Dr. B…

Another prime example of this “political correctness” of the scientific community arose with the scandal surrounding the warming of our planet. Let me preface this by stating that we have just been talking about an ice sheet from a mile to two miles thick that existed within a hundred miles of where I now sit penning this essay. That is not there today, so obviously, earth is warmer now than it was fourteen thousand years ago. so… YES! The earth has warmed. The scandal concerns the political aspects of blaming that warming on man and his machines. In fact, at the time of the melting of that ice, there were on SUVs.. there were no coal fired power plants and no aluminum factories. It was an act of God… an natural occurrence, if you will. It was a function or sunspot activity, not of carbon buildup!


Sun Lakes Coulee

In the era of the Algore prophecies, science set out to prove his claims to be true… and could find no such evidence… so they manufactured it. They cooked their test results to give the indications they needed… and were caught red handed doing it.. the scandal was labeled “Climate Gate” and was mentioned briefly on the Five O’clock News before moving on to other, more lucrative pursuits… even today, the political establishment is attempting to shepherd society into their models of what this society should be and that, evidently, does not include the personal freedom of your own vehicle… so they are still trying to perpetrate the myth… and this is the same “science” who claims to be pure…