Wind River Ronnyvoo & Laid Back Gathering

Wind Mountain

September 4th, 5th and 6th, 2015



This late summer, we have the great privilege of hosting our friends from the east…  Arla Williams from S.E. Oklahoma and Jonathan Goble of Kentucky will be joining us for a short visit in September so, like we did a couple of years ago at Ike Kinswa State Park near Mossyrock, WA, we are having a public gathering and reception to celebrate our friends.


This time, we have chosen a very rural, very rustic camp on the Wind River 15 miles North of Carson, WA for our gathering.  This is a very laid back affair in a very active area.  Arla, Sue and I found this camp and stayed there two years ago when Arla and I spoke at the Bigfoot Bash in Home Valley, WA.  The activity was fantastic and we had a great time.  We visited the huckleberry fields on Klickitat one afternoon and amassed sufficient delicious, ripe, purple huckleberries to make the most desirable huckleberry pancakes one has ever had the pleasure of enjoying!


Our sasquatch activity for the days we spent there was rampant!  We had our hosts visit our camp every evening.  On the last evening we were in camp, it was possible to see them through the window of our tent.  On one occasion, I was amazed to be able to see one of the big guys pass between the dwindling fire and the tent.  All in all, it was a fantastic time spent with worthwhile people.

Around Camp


You can join us from the 4th to the 6th to meet Jon and Arla personally as well as whomever else might be there… please join us… This is a kind of “No-Host” affair…  there will be no one cooking dinner for all, unless the group decides they want to do this… no gear is pondered as being necessary… but all who desire to come are welcome to be there!  There is NO charge  of any kind for this gathering!

The site is easy to find.  We will be 15 miles south of the flashing red light in Carson, WA.  This is very near MP 16 on the Wind River Road.  Carson, WA is in the North side of the Columbia River about equidistant between the towns of Hood River and Cascade Locks on the Oregon Side.  If you are coming to us from the west i.e. Portland, Oregon area, the easiest way to reach us is to travel I-84 East from Portland to cross over the “Bridge of the Gods” at Cascade Locks, Oregon at Exit 44.  This is a toll bridge.  at the junction with Washington Hwy 14, turn right towards Stevenson.  At Carson, Washington, about ten miles from the junction, turn North into town and continue straight through the community.  This street is Wind River Road.  Continue on Wind River road.  There is some construction on the road… places where it is reduced to a single lane, but it is well controlled.  About MP 13, there will be a Federal Fish Hatchery on the left side of the road… just beyond that, near MP 14, the road veers severely to the right and very soon you will again cross the river on a bridge that is being repaired.  It is just two miles from the right turn to our camp.


The road to the camp is just a small dirt trace into the river bottom.  I will hang our International Society for Primal People banner there… watch for it… the road into camp will never win any awards for “country road of the year” or anything.. but it’s easily passable with only about a half million potholes to dodge in the quarter to half mile to camp.  There is plenty of room to spread out once there!


Should someone happen to ace us out on our camp, there will be an envelope taped to the banner explaining any changes…

Thom Cantrall