International Conference on Primal People

In Conjunction with Columbia Sasquatch


MAR 4th and 5th & 6th, 2016

Kennewick, WA

2nd International Conference on Primal People

Weekend Admission $30 per person

Highland Grange Hall
1500 S. Union St.
Kennewick, Washington

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Friday Evening March 4th
6 pm – 9 pm

Come meet the presenters and spend the evening asking your questions.

Saturday March 5th

9am – 5pm

                    9am         Arla Collett Williams                                       My Life With Hairy People

Arla Williams is a native of Oklahoma where she grew up on land also populated with our large friends.  Her first encounteroccurred when she was approximately six years old.  Arla immediately ran into the house to tell her Cherokee grandmother what happened and to ask what it was she had seen.  Her grandmother, having the wisdom of the ages of her people answered the young girl very simply but so appropriately, “What do you think it was?”  This has ignited a fire of learning that carries on to this day.



                    10am        Keith Bearden

Long ago in a galaxy far away, there was a young man who did not believe the sasquatch people existed. As he grew and matured, he began to see things on his Western Georgia hunting lease that began to create confusion in his mind over this lack of belief. As years passed and these events intensified, eventually he had to admit that something was doing strange things in his world. Eventually, he did allow that, while not mistaken, he may have been less right than he’d have liked to have been… to the point he finally had to admit it was possible… Let us fast forward to today and his firm knowledge of their existence… a knowledge based on personal witness and communication. Keith Bearden is now able to share with us his journey from disbelief thru the possibilities to the firm commitment to their safety and prosperity he knows today. Join us as we hear the story of this journey!

                          11am        Thom Cantrall                                  Sasquatch Lives

Thom Cantrall has been following his Sasquatch trail for almost 58 years, beginning in 1958 with the Jerry Crew incident in California.  He is the author of 5 books on the subject including the definitive work on the Bluff Creek area’s Patterson-Gimlin film.  Thom is an entertaining speaker who is full of stories and anecdotes of his years of learning.  His research began on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula leading to his first full sighting there.  He has since and encounters in Alaska, California, Oregon, Utah, Idaho and B.C., Canada on the west coast as well as Oklahoma and Georgia in the southeast.  Since his retirement in 2006, he has devoted his life to learning all he can about these enigmas and sharing what he learns with those who would like to know more.

                     12-1         Lunch

                     1pm          Joe Hauser                                     Montana Research

Joe Hauser is a wildlife biologist and environmental consultant with many years of field experience. At a young age he developed an interest in the primal world and learned and taught primitive survival skills and tracking for many years. Joe had his first Bigfoot experience in 1983 while mining for gold in the Sierras in California. Over the next few years Joe had many experiences in the field that didn’t fit into the normal parameters of widlife biology. Based on these experiences he became convinced that there was a large bipedal creature roaming the woods. As a former curator with the BFRO he had the opportunity to investigate many Bigfoot sightings and has learned a great deal about their behavior. Joe also found that there were many paranormal things happening in association with these Bigfoot sightings that has led him to believe that they may be more than just fleah and blood. Joe currently lives near Glacier National Park in Montana and co-owns the Montana Vortex which is one of nine known electromagnetic energy fields in the United States. His presentation titled, “Evidence for The Quantum Sasquatch” will take a keen look at this paranormal association and Bigfoot behavior in general.

            2pm          Ron Morehead                                 Sierra Sounds

Ron Morehead is a resident of the western Washington town of Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula.  In the early 1970′s, Ron was part of a group of hunters who annually packed into the Sierra Nevada Mountains to a spot between Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe.  During these trips, the team began getting visitations from our large, hairy friends.  Luckily for us, they were able to record portions of the utterances they heard.  On subsequent trips, not having decided what was the source of these sounds, the team recruited a newspaper reporter, Alan Berry, to accompany them to see if they could make this determination.  What transpired is epic.  We now have the finest set of audio files ever generated from these enigmas.

                  3pm         Barb Shupe                                  Squatchin’ with Barb n Gabby

Barb lives in a tiny community in the heart of the Cascade Mountains of Washington just north of Mt. Rainier.  She has had personal encounter experiences and has an ongoing habituation program going.  Her “Squatchin’ with Barb & Gabby” videos have become very popular.  Her group has instituted community campouts several times a summer to share what she is learning and sharing the experiences with others.  In one of her videos a very strange anomaly occurred that caught the eye of several in the field… It seems that  her camera caught… well… you’ll have to hear that from her directly…

                      4pm     Kathi Blount                               Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest… My Journey

Kathi is a native of the west who had never heard of sasquatch until coming to the coastal area of southwest Washington.  What she found there astounded her… then frightened her… then amazed her…  it set off a journey of discovery that has led her across the Pacific Northwest like a shining star, with each journey adding to the total.  From the fear of a very hostile night encounter in the mountains outside Portland, OR to the rigors of the far reaches of Blue Creek in the Siskyous of California, from the meadows of northeast Oregon to the wet brush of the Oregon coast, Kathi has pursued knowledge diligently and is here to share with us that which she knows… much or what she suspects and even, perhaps, something of what she wishes she knew!

Saturday Evening March 5th

7pm – 10pm

                      7pm –                                                                       Welcome by Host and Hostess

                                                                                                         Music by Miss Arla Williams

                      7:15                                                                           Guest of Honor:  Mr. Bob Gimlin

Mr. Bob Gimlin… what more needs to be said.  The grand gentleman of this field of research.  Bob always has time for anyone who approaches him.  If he ever thought he had slighted someone, he would be greatly hurt.  Often we hear vile things said of Bob and his involvement with the famous film that bears his name… let me assure you of one thing… those so doing do not know Bob Gimlin!  Never has there been a more sincere and honest gentleman… Listen to him tonight as he tells us one more time what happened that October afternoon so many years ago…

                       8:00 – 10 pm                                          Keynote Speaker:  William “Bill” Munns

Bill comes to us from Hollywood, California where he has been in the movie industry for almost fifty years.  He has run the school that taught the artists how to create the special effects creatures we love.   From “The Creature From the Black Lagoon” to Ewoks and Wookies… from King Kong to Gigantopithicus, Bill has been there and done that.  He is an expert and much in demand film analysist, including the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film from 1967, “One minute of film that has created 47 years of controversy…  and tonight, Bill intends to remove some of that controversy and make the facts clear to us.

Sunday Morning March 6th

No  Host Farewell Breakfast


Olde Country Buffet
1321 N Columbia Center Blvd Ste 873

8am – 11am

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Vendors….  There is plenty of room for you… if you’ve been with us before or you have something that would be of interest to people who are active in this community, please contact me at … We’ll make room for you