RS Publishing and Distribution

RS Publishing and Distribution has been established to help aspiring authors see their work come to fruition.  To this end, I have established a schedule of fees for these services.  They are as follows:

Read first 50 pages of your Manuscript, offer advice and/or Comments:              No Charge

Proof read your manuscript:                                                                                                  $100

Edit your manuscript:                                                                                                              $150

Proof and Edit:                                                                                                                          $200

Design Custom Cover:                                                                                                           $200

Publish Hard Copy and Kindle                                                                                              $200

Custom Bundle including Proofing, Editing, Cover and Publishing                              $400
including cover photo, author’s photo and Title Page Photo

Illustrations and Photos                                                                                                           TBD

These prices are stated in general terms and may be adjusted for your situation and book

Thom Cantrall

Some titles I have published:


Marni’s Story










Sasquatch – The Search for a New Man









Sasquatch – The Living Legend








Respect the Water









My Life With the Hairy People






Forest Friends of the Night





My Journey Into Myth and Mystery




Ghosts of Ruby Ridge








21 Days to Destiny













Across the Wide Missouri