WW Supplement

WoodsWorks Supplemental

          With the publication of this book, the written report on the results of our five year study of the glyphs and art of the Sasquatch People, we felt ill at ease because we knew we were not done… but how do we continue the story?  It did not seem feasible to republish the book each time something new and exciting happened… or even something noteworthy and interesting, so we decided to publish the ongoing saga in this form.

          We have decided it makes sense to make the information available to all who are interested for merely the price of the time it takes to come here and read of it.  Of course, if one does  not have the book, it may be purchased through the link below.

6 Apr 2018

         Around 1 Apr, Brian and Randy left a gift for the Sasquatch People at a remote spot known only to the two of them in the forests of British Columbia, Canada near, but not adjacent with the area where much of our research was done that appears in the volume.  The gift was of garlic cloves and cheese crackers.

         As can be seen in the photograph of the gifting site, they encircled the gift itself with a ring of stones and leaves for a sense of artistic flair.  Also included is Brian’s personal glyph he uses in his interactions with these people.  Please notice that the area is free of obstructions.

          When the two returned the next day, nothing had been changed, but when they returned the following week, on 6 Apr, there had, indeed, been substantial changes in the scene.

          As can be seen, the gift had been removed and fir limbs and fern frond tips had been substituted.  In addition, Brian’s glyph had been altered with the addition of an extra member plus another, very subtle change that I will leave for the reader to identify.  Also added was the “Arrow and X” combination in the bottom right of this photo.

          Probably the most significant addition, however, is the line of four stones added in line to the one resident stone.  This tells us there were four individuals who participated in this interaction.

          Here are close up views of the areas of interest in the interaction.  Feel free to contact me on Facebook if you have questions about this supplemental glyph or any other facet of this work.

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