Money Saving Bundles

In order to reward my regular readers, I have devised the following discount program.  The Bundle pricing represents a full 25% discount from the retail sales price of the books in the Bundle.  You will notice that Bundle No. 1, including the title, “WoodWorks” is a bit higher than the others… this is simply because that title is printed in full color so as not to diminish the photographs it contains… the volume is printed in full color which causes the price to be a bit higher… if you are in Canada, or elsewhere in the world, contact me directly on Facebook and we will adjust the shipping for you.
Thom Cantrall

Bundle No. 1 – Knowing Sasquatch

This bundle is entirely non-fiction.  It is the results of my personal research…

Sasquatch – The Search for a New Man

Compilation of encounters… most are the author’s but a few are not, but are from reliable sources





21 Days to Destiny – The Real Story of Bluff Creek

Traces the history of the Bluff Creek area of N. California from the Jerry Crew incident of 1958 through the Tom Slick expeditions of the early 1960′s and the Patterson Gimlin film through the author’s ronnyvous there in 2014.

Much time is devoted to the work of Mr. Bill Munns and his work, as a Hollywood creature creator, with the Patterson Gimlin Film of 1967…

       $60 for the three books in Bundle #1, the “Knowing Sasquatch” Bundle, delivered to your door in US


Woodsworks is the written account of our 5 year research project into the glyphs and structures the Sasquatch People have left us… this volume is in full color, hence costs a bit more, but well worth it.

When my partners and I began our quest into this world of art and mystery, we were often called crazy, tea leaf readers and more… and less…  Join us in our findings and conclusions… and reach your own conclusions…


Bundle No. 2 – EZ Reader

The EZ Reader bundle is a collection of novels written with express purpose of teaching about the Sasquatch People in a manner that could not be successfully attacked by the haters who lurk to assail those of us who dare to speak

Ghosts of Ruby Ridge

When today’s headlines smash headlong into our research, this is what results.  The story is topical and eminently readable on its own but adding the element of the Sasquatch People into it creates a “must read” volume.  It is set in the wild country of the Idaho Peninsula within miles of the Canadian Border and involves the Neo-Nazi Militia that is found there… and it tells the story of how the Sasquatch People live…

Rod Jackson lost his partner on a bear hunt in the n. ID wilderness…. Here is his story of the search for Ben and all else that happened during that time…

Marni’s Story

An adventure novel with a strong woman as the focal point (my ideal, btw) who comes to learn something of the healing powers the Sasquatch People possess.
Set in the splendor of the Rocky Mountains of eastern Idaho, at the headwaters of a great river there…

Grow with Marni and Mark as they deal with life…

$50 for these 3 books of Bundle #2, the “EZ Reader” Bundle delivered to your door in US

After Armageddon

What would happen if a meteorite the size of the one that did in the dinosaurs (and 90% of all species then living) 60 million years ago.  Some of the most ‘in depth’ discussion of Sasquatch People’s abilities, rituals, etc.

As much as this event would deal a world filled with tragedy, with the utter elimination of much of life on Earth… here and there would be pockets such as the one we follow in their struggle in their fight for, first, survival, then for tenure in the post apoplectic world.   In all, this is a story of triumph rather than tragedy.

Bundle No. 3 – My Pleasure

A collection of essays written over the years.  Thom has lived his life in the mountains and forests of North America.  He was born in the west and lived in the east and southeast for seven of the nine years he was in the U.S. Navy.  For the last half century, he has wandered the wild lands of the Pacific Northwest, Western Canada and Alaska.  During that time he has come to know the denizens of the wild places far better than the average person and is dedicated to their understanding.  In his perambulations, has kept journals of his discoveries and has converted those journal entries into a series of essays on many and  varied subjects.  This volume is a collection of those essays on topics as varied as “Why Our Photographs Are Blurry”, to the humor of some “Mean Animals…” that reside there.  Join Thom in this journey of discovery through sixteen of his favorite essays reflecting seventy years on the mountain…


This is a second volume of essays and stories from across a span of years.  Some deal with the sasquatch people while others talk of my experiences in life.  There are essays of a technical nature explaining, for example, how our eyes work… why we see the colors we see.  Something different in this volume is an excerpt from my historical novel, “Across the Wide Missouri” which tells how the story begins… Another departure from the norm is a section of my et to be published volume, “After Armageddon” which chronicles the trials of small group of survivors following the impact of an asteroid the size of that which did in the dinosaurs and 90% of all living species about sixty five million years ago.  Read and Enjoy this work… it was done with the reader in mind!

$50 for these 3 books of the “My Pleasure” Bundle delivered in the US
A novel of the earliest Mountain Men and their dealings with the indigenous peoples they found in the great western lands.  Begin with the fantastic escape from death by the Legendary Hugh Glass and follow the exploits of this group of brave men as they learned the Indian Way and created some relationships that lasted throughout the western era… and others that did not.  Meet the beautiful Shoshone Shaman who’s abilities to read what was to be astounded even her husband, the nephew of Hugh Glass.This is an historical novel.  Many of the people in it are real… others are not, but should be.  It tells a story of events that most of us cannot even imagine, but, even if not actually true, are plausible and are reflections of what actually DID happen there!  Some of Thom’s best writing is in this book.  Purchase it and read it over and over again and you will begin to feel the energy that is the Rocky Mountain West.

Bundle #4 – Other Authors

This grouping is a list of three books I have edited and published for other authors.  Each of these volumes tells of the individual’s growth in the knowledge of the entity we call sasquatch or bigfoot.

Join Arla as she shares the stories of her interactions with these fantastic people as they make life interesting on her home place… from learning to share the harvest to hiding the tent pegs… one never knows what is coming next!!!

Gorgeously illustrated by Thomas Finley.



Keith Bearden

In this volume, Keith explores his life with the sasquatch people.  He chronicles his growing knowledge of their existence as seen on a tract of rural hunting land his family leased for many years in Georgia.  Follow Keith’s journey of exploration and learning that has led him to where he is today.



$50 for the three books in the “Other Authors” Bundle number 4 delivered to your door in the US
Kathi Blount… Another first rate account of a journey from not knowing what people were even talking about when they mentioned sasquatch or bigfoot to having her own, face to face, eyeball to eyeball encounters.I consider Kathi’s book to be as good as it gets in this genre.  So much is to be learned from her and her journey from darkness to knowledge.