Book Synopsis

The story opens with two bowhunters about to shoot what appears to be a record book sized bear.  When the shot is made, it is determined that the animal taken was not the one they had been watching so closely.  It is decided that Rod should return to the truck and bring in more gear to effect the recovery of the bear.  When he returns, he cannot find his partner Ben.
Patterson's Sasquatch


All he can find are where Ben’s tracks end and, from there, the large very humanoid tracks that disappear into the gathering darkness.

Rather than mess up what may be clues to finding his lost partner, Rod, a black, ex-Navy flier, makes a rapid trip into town to summon help.  The first place he stops happens to be the watering place for the head of the local Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist militia group, Colonel Harley Miller.  The ensuing melee results in the arrest and detention of the Nazi Colonel.

Neo Nazi Skinheads

The chief tracker for the search and rescue team is a full blood Indian who is very familiar with Sasquatch.   Tracking dogs are called in and the trail is taken up in earnest. When the trail is lost, Rod returns to his home to find his former wife, a pretty daughter of Intermountain Society waiting for him, very concerned for him and for Ben as well.  Also waiting are two detectives wanting to talk to him about the murder of his partner, Ben Saltz.   When he returned to the search the next day, his ex-wife, Kelli, accompanied him.

While this is happening, Harley Miller has his day in court, which he makes memorable by attempting to attack the judge on his case, which lands him in custody without bail.  The group then hatches a plot to free him from jail in the manner of Timothy Mc Veigh.

On Rod and Jimmy’s return trip to the search, they happen on a local character in the form of a middle-aged professor of botany from the University of Idaho.  Annie Moran knows these mountains well .  During her trip into the mountains on her botany project, she encounters Ben and the injured son of the Sasquatch family.

The two couples, both joined now, set out on a tour of the country, carrying their story to the talk shows of the nation with highly mixed receptions, but always maintaining the same professional, concerned demeanor.  The national tour is concluded and the two couples return to their Idaho homes in time to return to the mountains to attend to the young, injured Sasquatch as they had promised.

One cannot turn on the TV today without seeing programming on the search for Sasquatch.  National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, even the Travel Channel air such programming virtually every week.  Since the Ruby Ridge incident, the Neo-Nazis have

Randy Weaver's Home on Ruby Ridge

jumped into the spotlight across the nation.  The Branch Davidian debacle at Waco, the McVeigh/Nichols bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the attack on Robert Matthews are all examples of the government’s attempts to control the Neo-Nazis.  Today, the Neo-Nazi movement is considered to be the most dangerous gang in the nation today… so dangerous that even organized crime will not touch them.

What is a Neo-Nazi?  Who are the Skin-Heads?

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