Keith Bearden

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Arla on the Bridge

Track in the Sand Just off the Bridge


Thom Cantrall

In the course of an average year, I will hear thirty to forty people with the idea of doing a book chronicling their experiences in the world of sasquatch or bigfoot as he is known variously. Of these thirty to forty ideas, I find that ten or so actually have merit in the subject covered and the experience of the person relating the story. Of these ten workable ideas, three will see actual work done and maybe one will be completed. The completed works that are worthy of purchase have become exceedingly rare in the recent past with most being merely a compilation of various reports from people around the country or continent.

Here we have something totally different. In this work, Keith is describing his own journey of discovery of these enigmatic people. When he first came to me with the idea, I was reluctant because I knew of the statistics cited above. I also knew how the haters and trolls would react as well. There are those who seem to live simply for the opportunity to denigrate others who have experienced something they have not. Their vitriol knows no bounds and their tolerance for new concepts and ideas is non-existent. I did not wish this on Keith… he is good friend and I knew what was in store.

Further, I knew how hard it was to get a book project completed. It is difficult to begin, follow through and end a story in good order, without digressing beyond the permitted range and maintaining interest of the reader. After all, I have attempted it with five books of my own…

I was pleasantly surprised as I began the editing process for his efforts. His story was logical… if followed a consistent path from event to event in a journey of discovery that rivals that of anyone I know. His presentation of the facts of his discoveries are well documented and are substantiated. This is not one person’s pipe dream of what was happening… it is a logical sequence of events leading to some major revelations in time and account.

It is my extreme pleasure to have been a minor part of this project and, since I was present for major portions of it, I can lend my support to the veracity of what happened on those nights he describes so well concerning our gatherings in his home state of Georgia.

I am quite regularly excoriated for not providing “proof” to a doubting and doubtful public and I respond in a common and like manner to all such. “It is not my place to provide proof to anyone of anything. The most I can do is offer evidence and since there is such wonderful evidence already available, mine would merely be redundant. There is the magnificent ‘Patterson-Gimlin Film’… there is Paul Freeman’s film… there is the ‘Memorial Day Footage’… there is the ‘Provo Canyon Footage’… there is the testimony of EXPERTS in their field… Men like Bill Munns, John Chambers and Peter Brooke have all made definitive statements and offered proof of the veracity of the existence of sasquatch.”

My advice at this point now becomes, “If you want further proof, it is up to you to take the steps to provide it to yourself…” If those men listed above are not sufficient for you, then only you can prove it to yourself. That’s what I did… I proved it to my own satisfaction…

Today, I no longer argue the point with anyone… I share what I observe… I teach those who would learn… and I ignore the rest… This book is a wonderful teaching tool to all of those who would use it as such.

Thom Cantrall