Myth to Mystery


What is Sasquatch?  Where does he live?  How does he
survive? Is he an ape or a form of Man?  Is he vicious or is
he benign? Why don’t we have a body?  Why don’t we have
a clear photograph?  If he is more than an ape, why doesn’t
he live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man?
Can he speak?  Does he have a language?  Is it merely a spoken
langauge, or is it written?  Where does he go in the winter… does
he migrate?  Can I meet him?

If these are questions that have occurred to you and you seek the
answers, THIS is the book for you.  From the jounals of an experiencer
of more that 60 years, now you can learn what he knows. Join him on
his journey, won’t you?


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