Tracking Bigfoot

My good friend Lori Simmons has just published her second book about the work her father was doing in the North Cascades of Washington… This is only Chapter Six of that book… I use it here to describe how much I like what she’s doing because it is about time she and I spent together on her ground.  This was only one of several days I spent there with her but I found it most fascinating.  I will not steal her thunder… read it and enjoy.. the photos are my own and do not appear in the book.  Notes enclosed thus:  <<Italicized Message>> are my notes and comments on the events Lori outlined.

Tracking Bigfoot – The Journey Continues

Lori Simmons

Chapter 6

July 21, 2012

            It was a beautiful summer afternoon when Thom Cantrall and I drove up to Bigfoot Country.  Thom drove from Eastern Washington, a four hour drive, just to pick me up in Seattle to then experience Bigfoot Country with me.  Thom came up with this wonderful idea.  Thom truly believes in me and my theory of the Bigfoots/Sasquatches being underground.  Thom knows of this equipment that will give a reading of the

GPR Unit

ground called an underground sonar system.  <<Ground Penetrating Radar – I used it successfully as an engineer when designing road systems in areas of suspect soil>>  So, if there is in fact an underground tunnel system, this equipment will tell us just that.  So, that is what we are going to do!  Only no matter how hard we tried we just could not get our hands on one to rent.  We found out there is not one we can rent in the entire State of Washington.

While Thom drove me to Bigfoot Country I pointed out areas I have memories with my father.  I am feeling excited to visit the area again.  I know my father is not there, but that he is always there with me in spirit watching over me.  My father would never let me go into his research area, he would say, “No Lori, it’s too dangerous for you.”  I always felt safe going into the forest with my dad.  Riding up there with Thom did give me a sense of ease.

Thom and I took a few photos and he took a photo of just me standing by the wooden guard rail.  This is the spot I also like to get my equipment prepared before I enter the forest.  We both get in the car and drove further up the mountain.  I explained to Thom that I will take him to an area where it is an easy access on foot.  Thom is not able to hike as much as he used to and that is alright because we could still visit the Big Guy. <<Being into one’s seventies does that!>>

We drove down a gravel road with the green forest on both sides.  I rolled down the window and I could hear the swift river.  I told Thom, “Okay, this is as close as we can park here and walk down.”  Thom got out of the car and walked with me using his had carved walking stick.  I walked up onto the hillside on the mossy

Cascade River

ground.  “Hello!  Are you here?” I yelled out.  “I brought my friend Thom with me.  We drove all this way to visit you!”  I said with excitement in my voice.  I heard one soft subtle bump.

Thom just said “Hello!”  Just then the Big Guy pounded on the ground with great force multiple times. <<I  felt very surely that I was being welcomed to this spot by someone who knew who I was.>>  Thom asked, “Do you know my teacher?”  <<And I felt very sure he did>>

The vigorous bump happened again.  “Oh wow,” I thought to myself, “the Big Guy is really excited!”  He was pounding on the ground with such great strength.  It put a rush right through me like I was just given the greatest news.

Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

Thom asked if the Big Guy knows his teacher and did he know we were coming up today?  With the sounds of the deep bumping coming from under the tree it is as if the Big Guy understands.  <<And answered in the affirmative>>

I always bring a bag full of Granny Smith apples as a gift.  I pour out the bag of apples in the same spot on the ground.  Just then I heard bumping more in a happy, soft, subtle way.  “I brought you apples!  Your fav…” I said in a sweet tone.  Bump, bump, bump, I heard and smiled.  I walked over to a tree stump and sat down.  Thom looked very curious and was walking over towards the tree.

Adjacent fir trees

This area has soft green moss and ferns surrounded by the dense forest all around.  The deep earth shaking pounding is coming from the large Douglas Fir tree.  Thom stands to the right side of the  tree.  <<To better describe this area…  it is an area of centuries old Douglas Fir, may over six feet in diameter and exceeding two hundred and fifty feet in height.  The “tree” Lori is referring to here is actually to trees, each over six feet in diameter that have grown beside one another.  As seedlings, they were probably five feet apart but across the span of centuries have grown to the point where they are solidly against one another, forming one huge massive trunk.  It is from below this that the bump and thumps Lori describes are coming.  One of my first investigations was to see if the source of these sounds might be from above, in the canopy as when two trees grow so closely together, it is not uncommon for them to rub in places high in their structure.  My investigation did not support this conclusion, however and it was determined beyond any doubt in my mind that the source of these sounds was, indeed, subterranean.>>

“Good Morning!  It’s so nice to be here today,” I yell out in my soft, soothing voice. Hmmm… nothing.

Thom said, “I  hear bumping from  over here.”


“Really?” I said.

“He is bumping but he is quiet, not like when we were standing over there.” Thom said.

“I don’t hear very well, okay, let me go over there where you are by the tree.”  I explained.  I walked over to the large Douglas Fir tree where Thom is standing.  I just started talking to the Big Guy in hopes of hearing a response.  “How are you today?  It was a beautiful drive up here to see you.  It so nice to be here today,” I said.

Thom looked around and stretched his left cheek.  Just then we heard bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, and bump.  Thom and I both looked at each other and smiled.  I said with true excitement, “it’s so nice to be here today!”

Thom took a photo of me and smile.  I called out “Hello!  How are you today?”  We waited for a response.  Thom sat down quietly beside the tree.  We both waited.

I used my cell phone video recorder device and filmed all of the areas of the forest around me.  “It’s gorgeous up here,” I said.  I still wanted to get more responses, I wanted to learn all I can of the Big Guy.  The Big Guy whom my father discovered.  I called out again in my sweet soothing voice, “How are you today?  Are you napping?  So nice to be here with you today.”  Still no reply.  I continued to record my surroundings.

The beautiful wooded forest was covered with green moss drooping down from the trees.  The sun was peeking through the trees and I could hear the river rushing close by.

I started walking towards the back side of the tree to have a look around.  I was curious to find an opening to this den.  Not that I wanted to go in <<I would go in in a moment!>> just to validate all this.  Just as I started to walk down the hillside I heard one soft bump.  The bump had a deep, hollow sound.  “Hello.  Thank you for that bump,” I said in a cheerful way.  Then I heard another bump coming from just below the tree from where I was standing.  “He just gave me a nice bump.  I do not know what he is saying but he is talking back to me,” I said to Thom.

As I walked down the hillside behind the tree I continued to call out in hopes of more communication.  “Hello! Good Morning!  How are you today?  It’s so nice to be here with you today!”  I heard nothing.  Thom was curiously looking around the large Douglas Fir tree.  The Big Guy was still and quiet.  I decided to  walk back up towards Thom and we both  sat down close to the tree.

As I walked towards Thom I said, “He’s awake!”  He was quiet for a few minutes.  I knew when we first walked up an we were at this distance the Big Guy was loaded with

Lori with Parabolic Microphone

his responses.

“Did you hear that?” Thom asked me.

“No.  Hear what?” I said curiously.

“Chattering… it’s coming from right over there by those trees,” Thom explains.

“I don’t hear very well, it’s hard to make it out.  I can barely hear them talking.  Can you make out what hey are saying?” I asked Thom.  Thom explains to me he can hear the chattering close by us but it sounds like it is in another language… their language.

I sat quietly and took a deep breath to take it all in.  This was absolutely unbelievable, no one in a million years would ever think that a Bigfoot/Sasquatch would communicate with them let alone let them know where his home was.  Could it be because of all the ears of my father building their trust has passed down to me?  Did the Big Guy know who I am?  Did they know I was Don’s daughter?  Have they always been here?  Did they remember me fishing here in this same spot with my dad with I was young?  Have they known me from the time I was 6 years old?  <<Yes, on all counts…>>

“Oh no,” I said out loud.  “My cell phone is blinking low battery.  I am having to use my cell to record because my camcorder says low battery,” I said with irritation.

Thom explains to me that it reminds him of this time; a time when he had charged up all his batteries but when he got to this spoti n the forest all of his batteries were drained.  “Hmmmm… that is strange,” I said.  “I wonder why that is?”

Just then a large tree branch fell from a tree and landed only about ten feet away from where we were sitting.  I looked up at the tree in this forest then I looked at Thom with surprise.  Thom looked at me with a smile, I smile back.  We just gave each other this look, like, “Yes, they are in the trees too watching us.”

I asked Thom, “So, Thom, what do you think about all this?  What do you think about Bigfoot Country?”

Thom said without hesitation, “They love you, Lori.  I get a sense that they really do love you.  I can also tell that he is very protective of you.”  Thom said to me, “You know, Lori, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you left some kind of audio device here.”

“Oh, okay, weill I do have a video recorder.”

Thom  explains to me, “No, not a trail camera or anything like that here, just an audio recorder.  One that would be voice activated.”  Just then, he heard one loud, solid deep bump coming from below the tree.  “Ha ha ha ha,” Thom said, “see? He agrees, ha ha ha.”

“Oh, okay, so he’s okay with me having a voice recorder and not a video recorder?” I said.  Just then I heard another deep bump as if the Big Guy was agreeing with me, saying okay.

Welcome left for us

Thom told me, when he was standing next to the tree that he had his hand on the tree and he could feel the vibrations when he heard the bumps.  I reminded Thom of the time when I first found this tree.  I explained to Thom, to recap, it was with my brother, in the summer of 2010, when I heard the deep bumps in the forest.  I finally stopped being afraid and followed the sounds of the beast <<I hate this term for them!>> that led to me to this tree.  I was standing just beside the tree when I heard a deep low guttural growl coming from below me.  My brother motioned for me to put my ear up to the tree and I did.  I heard the growl coming from inside the tree, form below it somehow.  That right there gave me clarification.

After sitting there for the afternoon spending time with the Big Guy and Thom, my eyes opened up to new possibilities of communication.  I did not quite know how, but I am trying to understand, comprehending all these new and mysterious findings of my father.  It seemed like the deep bumping sounds were like out form of the Morse Code.  The Big Guy in his underground den, a cavern of some sort, pounding on the side walls.  Thom truly did open my eyes to the new possibilities that I did not know was possible but I am learning to become more in tune with them.