Fri – Sun Total:     $50 Per Person

Seating is VERY Limited… Reserve Early!

This is a “Muddy Boots” Seminar… Those on this Dais are not TV personalities, bright and shiny but without bottom; nor are they academia, long on schooling and short on experience… These people are the BEST at what they do… Finding sasquatch and telling his story…

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As one might imagine, these events are very expensive to produce and ticket sales do not always cover the costs…  If you would like to help out, but cannot attend, we have provided this way to do so… just click the DONATE button below and choose an amount you are comfortable with. — Thank you!!

Although the speaker schedule is not set in stone at this date, many slots have been filled.  In staffing this conference we decided to go for those who had mud on their boots over the “suit and tie” group.  Also absent will be the television celebrities in favor of those who have actual experience.  If professors with many letters after their name and the matinee idols of tv-dom who have never so much as seen one of our large hairy friends, go to Ohio… or elsewhere… they won’t be here.  The people on this stage will be speaking from experience, not from a book…
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                                                                    The Program
This conference will begin at 5 pm on Friday, 4 October 2019 with a “Meet and Greet” of all the speakers and vendors in attendance.  included in this will be a short “Town Hall” type of meeting where you, our audience can share your experiences with all in attendance.  Saturday will begin early and run late.  It will be a full day of presentations on a variety of subjects related to the sasquatch people from people who have actual boots on the ground experience!  There will be seven presenters during the day with breaks for lunch and for dinner.  The day will end with the presentation of the film, “Paranormal  Sasquatch” presented by Bill and Amy Lancaster of Bilco Productions.
Sunday will begin at 9 am and will run until approximately 1:30 pm with four major presentations taking center stage.  We will dismiss at that time so that those with a need to catch planes can schedule their flights to return home at a convenient time.
A special feature will be a Friday evening bonfire and “Town Hall” type meeting to begin immediately after the close of the meet and greet…
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On Saturday evening, after the close of the regular program, we will adjourn to a nearby park and have a very special evening around a campfire of some sort… there will be drumming and a sharing of experiences led by Sam Chandler.  This will be the time for you to tell us of your encounters… The actual venue is still under investigation and will be promulgated soon!
Vendors are important to a great conference experience and, as such, are welcomed here.  If you have a product or ware you would like to display in our area set aside just for that, CLICK HERE.
                                                                  Flagship Hotel
The headquarters hotel for this weekend will be the home for those presenters coming from out of town as well as many of the guests of the conference…  Click Here to visit the Flagship page