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To bid for any product you wish online (except the individual items in the kits and packs) simply note the Item number and what it is called.  In an email to me at

submit that item number and name along with your MAXIMUM high bid.   I will then become your proxy and bid for you until your maximum is reached at which time I will notify you that maximum has been exceeded and give you the option of either dropping out or increasing your maximum.  All bids I make for you will be in even $5 increments until the last one. The last one will simply the balance of your bid amount.


Online bidding will cease at 6 pm Friday, Oct 4th, 2010.  At that point your maximum high bid on record will be your final maximum.  When that amount is surpassed, you will be out of the bidding.

As part of our conference we have some spectacular items available to our guests.

Most auction items are available for bid either in person or from online in the form of “maximum bid amount” being registered via email to the email address provided below.  Instructions will accompany the email data.  To check out our items to be auctioned.

These items may be bid online by sending an email to:

With the bidder’s full name, amount of Maximum bid, email address and telephone number.  Bidder’s amount will be bid as proxy bid as the bid balance accrues in even $5 increments until the bid exceeds the proxy bidder’s maximum amount.

Auction Item #1


Available for Auction:

Genuine – Hand Made

Native Style Drum!

This Drum is an 8-sided, 17” diameter drum of native cedar and American Rocky Mountain Elk made by renowned Drum Artisan, Kay Omah and painted by professional Artist, Krista Lundy.  This drum has a wonderful, deep and rich sound.  It comes with a drum package of a beater, crystals that were a part of its making and an herb bundle of sage, tobacco and a braid of sweetgrass.

Both Bob Gimlin and Thom Cantrall will be on hand to autograph it for and present it to the winner in attendance as requested.

This drum has a minimum bid amount, as presented, of $250

This Item may be bid online by sending an email to:

With the bidder’s full name, amount of Maximum bid, email address and telephone number.  Bidder’s amount will be bid as proxy bid as the bid balance accrues in even $5 increments until the bid exceeds the proxy bidder’s maximum amount.

About this drum…

Genesis of this Drum
Kay Omah

When I heard about this conference and the incredible speaker line up, I knew this was a conference that above all, is about educating in a positive and respectful way about the People from people who truly know.

This speaks to my heart and so the idea of this special drum came to be.  I was told Bob Gimlin will be present at this conference, a living treasure of a man and I thought, “What if a drum was created with love and intention infused in it to be a voice not only for enjoying, but a drum and a voice to honor the Sasquatch People, every time it is drummed.  A vibration and intention of love and honoring that I hope they will feel and hear whenever it’s voice speaks.”

I thought it an amazing opportunity to have Bob Gimlin sign this drum, and have it presented by Bob with pictures taken on stage at the conference to whomever the drum is to go.

So it came to be.

The drum itself is a 17″, 8 sided drum with a frame made of cedar and the hide and lacing of Elk.  It is strongly strung and has a rich and ringing baritone voice.

All elements of this drum… the Cedar wood, and the Elk were honored and the drum was blessed and intentions set in a prayerful way and then I requested that KJ Lundy, the artist, create an image of one of the People on the face of the drum.  She did a beautiful job I believe.  The hide itself has beautiful natural details as does the image painted on its drum face that the photographs just don’t do justice.

The image was done in a very permanent India Tattoo ink.  There is no worry of it wearing off or having to be careful.  This drum is meant to be played as much as any other drum.  Maybe more so if the person getting this drum seeks to know the People in a good, heartfelt way.

The beater that will come with the drum was made specifically for this drum, handstitched and will last for a very long time.  The drumstick itself is of cedarwood harvested from the land here in a respect.  The hide was soaked in water that was also honored, with amethyst and quartz crystals that will come with the drum as part of its medicine.

This is going to be a conference to attend!  It will be rich in information, learning, and experiences that you will carry with you for the rest of your life and done in a way in keeping with the respect and knowing of our large brothers and sisters that the presenters giving of their time will share with you.  There is a sometimes vast difference between theory, and personal experience and knowledge.  It is the latter that you will come away with at this conference!  The real deal, from people who know personally what that is.

Get your tickets and reserve your place.  If you are interested in the drum feel free to bid and I wish you blessings and luck with your bidding.  Both this conference experience, and this signed drum will be one of a kind in your lifetime.  Don’t miss out!  It is always better to not live with the regrets.

This is the drum that I created to be donated to the GA conference auction. It will be signed by Bob Gimlin and has truly beautiful tones and energy that I could already feel as my hands smoothed and tightened the hide. Whoever gets this drum, will not only get a beautiful drum in voice and presence, and a very special piece of history with Bob’s personal signature. But also a beautiful representation of the People by my daughter, the artist, KJ Lundy.

I’m so very proud of her talent. Which she comes by very naturally. Her maternal grandfather was a sculptor and artist, but her paternal grandfather was an artist as well. He was Chuck Oberstein, a renowned artist, known for his unique and innovative styles, and in later years for his Clowns.

Krista and Chuck were very close. When she would spend time at his home, the two would go to the garage where he would work on his paintings. She would sit with him as he would teach her brushstrokes and techniques he used, letting her actually try this on pieces on which he was working. She loved spending this time with her Grandfather and would spend hours this way asking questions and working on paintings together.

Chuck passed of Cancer a few years ago, but these memories are very dear to her, and I am so grateful she has them. As her mother, it fills my heart to see her exploring this gift on the drums. I know how proud and encouraging Chuck would be. If you are interested google his name and look up some of the work he did and I will continue to share as more drums come into being. If you are bidding on the Conference drum…good luck and blessings, it will be a one of a kind piece of art and history as well as a beautiful drum meant to be played.


Kay Omah, Drummaker


Auction Item #2

Emergency Pak for hiking and camping…

Emergency Survival Pack

I once spent a night alone deep in the woods in late November without prior planning… NEVER again!  After that nearly interminable night, I put this system together as a safeguard against another such night.  Every item herein is designed to minimize one’s distress and discomfort while passing long, cold, lonely hours.


Items in the Pak – Not available for bid individually


Fanny Pack

Space Blankets (3)

















Waterproof Matches/Case

Toilet Paper/Towelette



















Signal Mirror









First Aid Kit









Auction Items #3 through #20

constitute a FULL, operating campsite from Tent to Coffeepot…

From Sleeping Bag to Water Jug … it’s all here…

Auction Item #3

BBQ Table


Auction Item #4

5 Gal Water Jug

The water bottle is New Wave Envrio Products BPA Free Bottle, 5

 Auction Item #5

50 Qt Ice Chest


Auction Item #6

Coffee Pot


Auction Item #7

Dinner ware Set


Auction Item #8

Coleman Cookstove


Auction Item #9

Cookware Set


Auction Item #10

Cook’s Tools Set

 Auction Item #11

 Emergency Survival Pack




















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