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             Speakers for the ISPP 4th Sasquatch Conference – Atlanta


Keith Bearden:

Keith is an old and dear friend who is a native of Georgia where he grew up hunting deer on his family’s lease.  He was very much the skeptic who began seeing anomalies that should not be and had a sufficiently open mind to want to know more. As time passed, he learned more and more until he arrived at the conclusion that there were things living there of which he knew nothing!  What has happened since then is epic in this field.

Keith is the author of the very excellent story of his journey into the realm of sasquatch… “Forest Friends of the Night”

Thom Cantrall:

Thom is a fifth generation son of the west and has been in sasquatch research for over sixty years.  His years spent as a forester and logger on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula afforded him the opportunity for a solid basis on which to enjoy a lifetime of investigation of this enigma.  He has recently concluded a formal five year investigation into sasquatch made glyphs and structures based in his team’s research base in British Columbia, Canada.  Health concerns have limited his field time recently, but he remains active as an advisor and Senior Affiliate to such research groups as “Squatching with Barb and Gabby”, “West Georgia Sasquatch Research Group” and Dr. Igor Burtsev’s, “Forest People’s Communications”.  Thom is a prolific writer, having penned ten books on the subject and is currently working on an eleventh.

Arla Collett:

There is not a person alive that I know of who knows more of these beings than does Arla.  From her first sighting as a child of but six years old in her yard while playing in the dirt to today, she has lived around and with these people.  Growing up in Southeast Oklahoma afforded her the opportunity of being around them full time.  Arla’s heritage has afforded her an insight into the structure of their family life and community organization that the rest of us just cannot match.
In the years I have known her, she has always been my “go-to” person for help and insight when they left me confused or uncertain. 
This much I know, we are in for a real treat in hearing what she brings to share with us this weekend!


Bob Gimlin:

If there is anyone in the world of sasquatch who needs no introduction, it is this man!  I am so totally fortunate to be able to call Bob my friend and completely mean it in all ways.   Bob is the most honorable man it has been my pleasure to know and to hang out with.  Bob will be here this weekend to share with you the events of Oct 20, 1967 and talk with each and every one of you that time allows.  He is most open and enjoys the time he gets to spend with people at these events.

Bob is a most remarkable man.  At the time of this event, he will be within 3 weeks of his 88th birthday and you will find him as agile and able at this age as so many men far younger than himself.  Bob traveled to Georgia two years ago to attend a gathering in this area as well as a day at the Expedition: Bigfoot Museum and had such a great time with people that he literally jumped at the chance to do it again.


Bill and Amy Lancaster:

Bill and Amy Lancaster have teamed up to create Bilco Productions, a film agency producing quality video in the sasquatch/cryptid genre.  Their most recent production, released in February of 2019 and entitled “Paranormal Bigfoot” is a high quality documentary film chronicling research in the field of sasquatch/bigfoot.  Bill and Amy will be here to showcase this work in the Saturday evening time slot.  Join us in reviewing this fine work.

Ginger “Tinker” Lockwood:

Ginger is new to Conference speaking.  This will be her inaugural effort but she is far from a newcomer to the sasquatch/bigfoot research field.  In her years of research centered primarily in the western Georgia area, she has paid close attention to more experienced investigators and learned the lessons necessary to make quality decisions concerning the structures and evidence she has been finding in quantities.  Forensics is important to this young woman and she applies the practices diligently!  Her first order of business on finding a new piece of evidence is to look for those clues that could eliminate the human factor from her equation.  Join us in listening to what this most interesting forensic specialist has to share with us.


Alex aka Midnight Walker

Alex aka Midnight Walker is an entrepreneur and proud father of two, who makes his living in business consulting by day and feeds his curiosity by night. His story began with his daughter’s sighting of what she described as a very large man-like being that crossed in front of her on a lonely country road. At that time, he had no idea that bigfoot really existed much less in the Southeastern United States. As he researched the subject, he found that indeed there was a rich history within the Native American culture. His investigations have involved 1000’s of hours of audio recording, while at close range with the sasquatch at night (thus the name Midnight Walker). During that time, he would discover their language and even the meaning of some of their words as spoken in the context of the situation. He also learned so much about the world of physics that they seemed to grasp in their abilities. Most of all, he knew that these were a hidden people that wisely chose their separation from our world. In his journey, he believes to have connected many of the dots that seem to be missing in mainstream bigfoot research’s understanding…the big picture.





  Sam Chandler

When I first met Sam, he was residing in W. Georgia and had a very active research program going on in that area.  He has since relocated to Central Oregon and cannot get to his favorite area nearly as often as he’d like.  He has, however returned to his old haunts to renew his quest and to share his findings with us.


Michael W. Cook – author/cryptid researcher

Active – 19 years
Field researcher, Footprint Analyst, Collaborative with multiple groups. 
15 major expeditions

For Michael Cook, Bigfoot didn’t exist until one day, as a teenager, a Bigfoot literally fell out of myth and into reality.

“I didn’t know what to think, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, none of that entered my mind at the time.” Cook said in a recent interview.

Since that day, Cook has found himself within 25 feet of two of these creatures in 2016. Hiked the wilderness of western Montana in search of answers and evidence. Took a trip that ended on the banks of the famed Bluff Creek, CA where the Patterson-Gimlin Film was captured.

Michael Cook has made appearances at numerous conferences and seminars speaking on his studies of these elusive beings.

“Believe? No, I Know they’re out there. I’ve seen them, interacted with them, I know for a fact that they’re out there. I had my proof on the riverbank that day, although it took me a year to come to terms with what I had witnessed, the fact remains that these beings, creatures, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, whatever you want to call them, do exist, whether you want to admit it or not, there’s something going on out in the woods. Open your minds and acknowledge the possibility that these creatures and so much more do exist. Together, with open minds and hearts, we can and will find answers.”


            Richard Stewart Taylor

became interested in the Bigfoot/Sasquatch subject after having a cinder block sized object tossed at his son and he while night fishing along a remote north Texas creek. His first career was in public safety and investigative law enforcement. It gave him the forensic knowledge and tools to launch a systematic field of study for answers. He was not to be disappointed. Since that first incident 15 years ago, He has personally seen and interacted with these highly elusive subjects and obtained photos, audios, standard and thermal videos of them. He has written and published a book of early experiences that has received great reviews. He enjoys sharing with people interested in this subject. “I do not try to prove anything to the skeptics. They will believe what they choose to believe and that’s okay. I enjoy sharing with people hungry for answers.”  Just like when he was starting 15 years ago. I He is a registered mixed blood tribal member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. From personal interaction with the Bigfoot/Sasquatch subjects, He believes they are a tribe of people with clans and family groups.”I look forward to sharing in the Georgia meeting with great anticipation!” Richard Taylor (AKA Midnight Owl)




LeeAnn Carnegie  comes to us from Ontario, Canada where she has an amazing research project underway on sasquatch structures and formations.  LeeAnn hosts the Facebook group “Bigfoot without Borders” wherein several people share some beautiful works they have found.  LeeAnn’s work, coupled with that of Ginger Lockwood and Thom Cantrall promises to a great deal to light regarding the physical world of sasquatch/bigfoot.



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