Sasquatch Talk and More With Thom and Arla










Arla Collett Williams                                                                  Thom Cantrall

Sasquatch Talk and Beyond

With guests interviewed live and an open chat room from which direct questions can be taken for the guests or the hosts!  We will be live from 5pm to 7pm PDT, 8pm to 10pm EDT on each Wednesday beginning on Wednesday Jun 8, 2016.

Join us for a fun two hours!!!

There is really only ONE RULE here… RESPECT!!!   Disrespect will simply not be tolerated.  Anyone displaying disrespect will be permanently banned from the audience.  This applies equally to the Hosts, the Guests or the Participants in the Chat.

It is totally okay to disagree.  It is not okay to deride, belittle or disrespect anyone on this show.

Join us and enjoy the fun!!

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