I have a few articles I’d like to share with my friends… and whoever else would like… As you can imagine, running an organization, even a small one, requires a budget… While I don’t require much to keep things going, I do need a bit and to facilitate that, I thought of this idea

I found these insulated drink cups and was able to add our logo to them and still resell them for a decent price…   I don’t always have all colors in stock, but it doesn’t take me long to get them, so if you have a preference in color, tell me… and tell me if it’s important enough to wait for me to get you your color or if you will accept another…

The colored mugs are  semi-clear plastic and the colors are bright and cheery
They are available inbrushed aluminum as well…  All of these are 16 Oz cups

Shipping is FREE in the U.S.